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Component «Importing processes»

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How it works «Importing processes» #

It allows to upload the processes to the system in the following formats: XSL, XLS and Google Spreadsheet. You can upload for update both already existing processes, so as add the new ones. Just choose the parameters, that correspond with your file and click on the upload button. You'll see the initial window, where you can configure the fields matching and continue with the upload itself.

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Available Platforms «Importing processes» #

Application Importing processes available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Importing processes available on my server
Available on my server
Application Importing processes customizable

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Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA
Інтегратор OneBox
Personal license
13.06.2022, 13:07
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28.09.2021, 15:01
OS: Import processes
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27.09.2021, 13:17
fluffy crown problems
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17.09.2021, 20:39
No access to process import with column selection
No access to process import with column selection Permissions configured for role and import enabled https://crm.sportlife.ua/admin/role/57/acl/ B...