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Component «ShopOS»

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How it works «ShopOS» #

It allows to connect integration with ShopOS to OneBox. Integration features include:

  • import of orders as processes to OneBox (information about orders, clients, products);
  • import of process status;
  • export of process status.

To enable the integration provide the name, Host, Login, Password, Name DB.

Screenshots «ShopOS» #

Available Platforms «ShopOS» #

Application ShopOS available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application ShopOS available on my server
Available on my server
Application ShopOS customizable

Reviews and discussions component «ShopOS» forum #

2 answer
22.09.2021, 22:20
Updating and setting up an online store through ShopOS
We plan to upgrade the online store to the OneBox OS version. How do I update and set up an online store through the Onebox ShopOS app?
16 replies
05.08.2020, 12:15
Clogged comment thread
➡ SITUATION: We are waiting for payment from the client, we are also waiting for the receipt of goods on order. At the stage in the action "Re...
2014870053 - Improved auto-action “Import process from CMS ShopOS”
In the automatic action “Import a process from CMS ShopOS”, the checkbox “Use price without a discount when importing process products” has been added