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API make calls

Calls, method: /api/registercall/




Field Type Description Required or not Comment
1 login string Login in BOX system Required field.  
2 password string Password in md5 format Required field. Contact tech support and we will give you a hash for the API
3 channel string Call channel (call id) Required field.  
4 status string Call status Required field. Call can be created with statuses: LOCAL, INCOMING, OUTGOING, TRANSFER. If you transfer the status of the end call (CANCEL, ANSWER, CONGESTION, CHANUNAVAIL, BUSY, INVALID, TRANSFER), the call will be closed.
Details of each status:
LOCAL - Local call (internal)
INCOMING - Incoming Call
OUTGOING - Outgoing Call
TRANSFER - Call transferred
CANCEL - caller hung up
ANSWER - There is an answer to the call (there is a conversation)
CONGESTION - line is overloaded
CHANUNAVAIL - line is not available
BUSY - Line is busy
NOANSWER - callee did not answer the call
INVALID - invalid number / translation
5 caller integer Who is calling (phone number) Required field.  
6 callee integer Who is calling (phone number) Optional field. If you do not specify anything here, the system will substitute default numbers here for incoming calls
7 pickup integer who picked up the phone on the group call Optional field.  
8 duration integer call duration Optional field. Pass the duration of the call here for permissive statuses (CANCEL, ANSWER, CONGESTION, CHANUNAVAIL, BUSY, INVALID, TRANSFER)
8 filename string Path and name of audio file on calls Optional field. Pass the name of the audio file of the call here for permissive statuses (CANCEL, ANSWER, CONGESTION, CHANUNAVAIL, BUSY, INVALID, TRANSFER)
9 comment text Call comment Optional field. Call comment will be recorded as event description
10 closed bool Close call and popup Optional field. Optional field.If the closed = 1 argument is passed, the window will be closed, if closed = 0, then no (this is all with the call statuses ANSWER or CANCEL or CONGESTION or CHANUNAVAIL or BUSY; or INVALID) . It is also recommended to send closed = 0 when the conversation starts

Possible responses to the request

More details
Status Message Message Description
1 ok   Call registration was successful
2 fail Login is empty! Login missing
3 fail Password is empty! Missing password
4 fail Login or password not correct! Invalid username or password
5 fail Bad user level! Low user level to perform this action (requires level 2 or higher)
6 fail No channel Call channel missing
7 fail No status There is no call status
8 fail No caller The caller is missing

Errors may also occur:

502 Bad Gateway - If this error occurs it is necessary:
1. Check if you have internet access (go to any other site).
2. If there are no problems with access — cookies can be deleted.
If the above doesn't work — server side problem. Please contact your site system administrator.

503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable) - this error may occur as a result of too many server requests. If you see this error, you should wait a couple of minutes and try again.

504 Gateway Timeout - cmost likely the reason is the increased load on the site, in which Apache is not has time to send HTTP responses and new requests are queued. You can add resources to the server, in particular RAM, and increase the number of httpd (Apache) processes.
Another possible reason for error 504 is that the executable script does not fit within the allotted limit time. This happens when the request is too heavy. Try to split your request into a few more small.

Error 505 HTTP Version not supported means the website is not Supports the version of the HTTP protocol that the browser uses to request a web page