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When we released 2020, we had one goal in mind – so OneBox can take on even more tasks and become an even more useful player on the team
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Some statistics

Working days
spent on release
Man Hours
spent on release
Hours of Programming
spent on release
Brand new
These are brand new features for OneBox. They are designed to enhance the utility of OneBox in your enterprise.
Completely reworked
These are functions that we reworked so that you might not even recognize them. The purpose of the function rework – make it more convenient, more practical, more attractive.
We have significantly improved a number of OneBox features visually or functionally.
  1. 1. Main Menu.

    You can now make the main menu horizontal

  2. 2. PIN CODE for automatic actions.

    You can now block the automatic action by assigning a pin code so that no one else can change the settings except you.

  3. 3. OneBox Night Mode.

    You can choose between white and black OneBox theme.

  4. 4. Task is under control.

    For those who do not like to create a separate process to control other processes, we made it possible to put" task for control" with one click.

  5. 5. Warning before closing the page.

    We've made the browser now warn you if you want to close the page by adding some information.

  6. 6. New, finished products based on MVP release.

    At the time of release, you will have 3 new products available: OneBox Auto, OneBox Marketplace, OneBox e-Doc.

  7. 7. Instant Page Reload.

    We have implemented AJAX technology in such blocks as processes and contacts. This will now allow you to save data without reloading pages. Very convenient.

  8. 8. Select date format.

    In the new release you can choose your date format: dd.mm.yyyy / mm.dd.yyyy / yyyy.dd.mm ....

  9. 9. Meeting Functionality.

    Very handy for managing meeting room reservations or organizing meetings.

  10. 10. One Chat.

    Chat with customers, communication center, communication within the company – now it is a single, very convenient module.

  11. 11. CRM forms.

    Create and apply HTML forms to be applied to external resources.

  12. 12. Personal Calendar.

    Those who use the OneBox calendar know that there are work tasks" 19:00 dental" or" buy cake on DR". So, now there will be a personal, individual, no one else accessible mini-calendar for this.

  13. 13. Audio Comments.

    You can now post audio comments.

  14. 14. ToDo sheet.

    New display type that will allow you not to glue stickers with active tasks to the monitor.

  15. 15. Polls.

    We have made a simple mechanism for creating polls inside OneBox.