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root password from mysql databases

Good afternoon, to install a corporate mail panel on a server with crm, our hoster requested a root password for mysql databases, please send it to my mail.
crm https://admin.uatech.pro/
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*can you please recommend the reliability of the Okremo mail server?
for example, for yourself and your clients, having found a server https://www.hetzner.com/cloud
there 1 CPU / 2 RAM / 20Gb SSD for 3 euros and there will be no problems if the post office supports the robot of the whole box.
As an option, I can implement it in 1 year.
17.04.2021, 20:45
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Good afternoon.
You can see the password for the database on your server here /opt/variables_mysqlroot
17.04.2021, 22:57
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