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CRM for vіddіlu sales

My company OneBox Corp can help you to automate sales on the basis of OneBox.
We would like to audit your business processes, give recommendations on the basis of your opinion, how can you ask, speed up and improve the work of your managers. As a reminder, you take the following abbreviations:
- hold/apply directly in OneBox from your website/marketplace
- fixation of calls and capture of records of roses on skin ice / project / project / design
- Connection of mass outlets to increase the interest in wet products from your potential buyers
- appearance of your warehouse
- Automatic salary payment for all sponsors in the company
- adjusting finances (settlement of payments, automatic receipt of invoices, automatic distribution of payments for advance)
- connection of messengers for communication with the client in the middle of CRM
- adjusting cash flow, conversion, turnover of goods, KPI, balance of counterparties and debtors' receivables, cashflow, P&L, balance of showings in
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Матюшко Денис OneBox CORP
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18.08.2022, 18:53
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