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OneBox - starting from the 8th day of the month, the sixth stage of training at Masterni business processes for SR managers

Friends, good day, hello!
On the 8th of September 2022, it is planned to launch an offensive, already SOMIY !!! workshop on designing business processes.
The previous 6th workshop is over! Until the end, less than two walked.
It will be difficult.
Especially for the quiet, who still know nothing about OneBox OS.
Having fun on the main platform, which is based on the OneBox OS operating system, you can go directly to the small experiments:
01 DETAILS: https://icoloronebox.crm-onebox.com/form/0/2/
- with what method you virishi rose from OneBox
02 DETAILS: https://icoloronebox.crm-onebox.com/form/0/3/
- THINK YOU ARE AN INVESTOR, otherwise you would like to launch processes in your company
Otherwise, you can pay for the option that suits you.
Tarif Axis: https://icoloronebox.org/practicum/#tarif
Kozhen for you can heal the way, if you want to add one year to the day of opening the task of the workshop.
We’ll tell the skin about it, about the advice that people are depriving of practice o
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