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OneBox for entrepreneurs doing business on Etsy

Friends, good day to all Hello!
What do you need to do to automate the management of your etsy store and business in the whole way of CRM?
We have developed a solution that will help you in the future.
For rozrobtsi, which is recommended for free testing for three months, it is possible:
‼️ manage your Etsy shop;
‼️ virishiti be-yaku your need, but for yourself:
✍️ manage finance,
✍️ get paid and pay a salary,
✍️ Robiti purchases of raw materials and materials for manufacturing,
✍️ control the preparation of products,
✍️ keep a warehouse look of finished products,
✍️ timely write off the syrovina, materials and ready products from the warehouse
✍️ so much more.
We are safe and flexible, we will listen to your wishes and during the testing period we will promptly introduce changes, like corrections for all the goodness of Hand-Made Pidpriyemtsiv.
You have a meta - to systematically develop the problem of how to manage your store and business, you plan to develop it directly and far away
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