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Referral program for all partners and clients

Respectable partners,
we finally made a normal referral program :)
In your profile on the site crm-onebox.com there is an item "Referral program".
There you can get your referral link which you can post anywhere.
If someone registers on it, and then after any time buys any OneBox cloud plan, you will receive 5% referral from each payment. Forever.
In the panel https://crm-onebox.com/ru/profile/referral/ you can always see:
- list of registrations and boxes that you brought
What status are they in?
- your balance and accruals
Thank you!
I encourage you all to get your referral link and post it everywhere :)
A few technical details on how it works:
For example, my referral link looks like this https://crm-onebox.com/en/?ref=11
It's all about the referral code ?ref=11, you can link it to any link on our site, not necessarily to the main page.
Will work:
Оригинальный вопрос доступен на версии: ru Как со мной связаться - никак :)
Задавайте вопросы на форуме публично - и я отвечу.
Подробнее - https://1b.app/ru/user/11/


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