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How to correctly link product categories through the Directory in BOX?

Tell me how to properly configure the automation "Export products in XML format (Rozetka.ua)" with the connection of categories according to the directory?
1. created a new directory "Socket"
2. ticked the checkbox "Take product categories from the additional field of the product associated with the directory."
Now questions:
- Additional product field - what should it contain? what to fill in it? id or category name on the outlet?
- the remaining 3 fields must be entered manually (they are in the settings without a drop-down list). Specify just the names of the fields from the new Rosette directory?
- "Regular expression for unloading a substring from the reference field with the name, for example (.+?) \([0-9]+\)" - what to enter here? This is a required field? Where can I read help about formulas?
- Modifiers? what is it and why? does it need to be written?
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Good day! Let's see how this functionality works. In order to upload products with outlet categories to the outlet, you need to:
1. Create two additional product fields with the String type and link them to the lookup you uploaded earlier
3. In System settings - Other - Automation for products - when saving - set up an action that fills in the fields based on directories. In it, you need to set the settings in such a way that when filling in the category in the additional field, the id of the outlet category is filled in the 2nd additional field
4. You need to display the interface of the additional field from point 1 and fill in the value of the Product category name on the Rosette
5. In action, you only need to check the box Take product categories from the additional field of the product associated with the catalog. And then set the Additional product field (here you store the category name), Directory field with id (value - Identifier), Directory field with name (value - Title), Directory field with parent category id (value - parent category ID).
Regular expressions, modifiers - this is not necessary now. Previously, Rozetka in the directory stored the name and category ID in one field, and in the file it required only the name of the category. Therefore, these parameters were used in action.
27.04.2021, 09:22
Original comment available on version: ru

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