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Forming an order and data for sending via NP

Good afternoon!
Drop formed an order through personal account
In the basket, I indicated the name and surname of the client, chose the branch and sent the order https://mkobuv.crm-onebox.com/admin/customorder/order/543/edit/
Everything is correct in the process itself, but if you enter the data for TTN https://mkobuv.crm-onebox.com/admin/customorder/order/554/invoice/ , we will see that the contact person is not filled in, and the phone number is not entered right
Can you help in this matter?
Original question is available on version: ru


The fion of the client is pulled to the specified place from the field "Name of the client of the process", there is simply "Ivan". New mail says that it cannot create a recipient without a last name named Ivan. The number in the same block is drawn from the process client phone process field.
26.02.2021, 18:03
Original comment available on version: ru

Thanks for the answer!
And what about this order: https://mkobuv.crm-onebox.com/admin/customorder/order/543/edit/
the name and surname are entered there, and still the data for the ttn was not pulled up.
01.03.2021, 15:03
Original comment available on version: ru

here's another example:
where did this phone number come from if another one is specified in the process?
01.03.2021, 17:38
Original comment available on version: ru

Thanks, I figured out why
01.03.2021, 17:48
Original comment available on version: ru

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