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Hello! In the file that is being generated for the site of PromLA, the units of measurement are now incorrectly indicated. Previously, there was a piece, a box, now a piece, a box, due to which an error is indicated when importing goods and the goods are not displayed. How can I fix it so that the previous units of measurement are displayed: box and piece, please tell me. Main site https://siverprod.com.ua/. Prom file https://siverprod.com.ua/media/export/10.xls
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Good afternoon. Please give a link to the product in the box and a screenshot of it in the file
11.05.2021, 14:52
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The question is worded incorrectly. Goods are pulled from the database in the wrong units of measure. Nothing has changed in 1C itself. But now, when a unit of measure is needed for goods, a piece is written in the box
12.05.2021, 08:58
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We cannot invent units of measure ourselves and rewrite them in the product. If there is a unit of measurement in the product, then it got there from somewhere, in your case, apparently from the same 1s. I ask you to give me an example of one product with the wrong unit of measure, I'll see where it changes from.
12.05.2021, 09:45
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Product code 6714 Anchovy 1kg m / y Kiev link to the product https://siverprod.com.ua/admin/shop/products/6714/edit/
12.05.2021, 09:48
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https://siverprod.com.ua/admin/auto/action/hour/edit/ here you have the action "Universal product import (xml/json)", it loads the field "Product unit" from the specified file. The specified file on ftp contained the following information on the specified product:
<Name> Anchovy 1kg, Kiev</Name>
<BaseUnit Code="2009" NameFull="piece" International Abbreviation="PCE">
where you can see that NameFull = piece . Accordingly, in order not to load units of measure from this file, turn off the n-adjustment in action or correct the data in the file for the ones you need.
12.05.2021, 09:58
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