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TTN Nova Poshta is not created

Надоело создавать ТТН вручную?
Установите OneBox OS с приложением Нова Пошта - и создавайте товарные накладные автоматически, прямо из своей CRM/ERP системы. Установить CRM с авто-формированием ТТН
Today, on 10 orders, no tn is created. Throws a Calculate error. Please try again
Here is an example https://andser.crm-onebox.com/admin/customorder/order/155422/invoice/
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Good afternoon, this is not a problem on the box side - the New Mail api gives an error. Please tell them the reason for it.
ps https://andser.crm-onebox.com/admin/customorder/order/155422/invoice/ here from the 2nd time ttn created, if not needed - please delete.
16.04.2021, 10:59
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