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Template for additional information about TTN products

At the moment, only the order number is pulled into this field. According to the instructions on the YouTube channel about variables, I try to add other variables (created, not standard) to this field, and unfortunately, nothing happens.
Required variables {|$customOrderproduct_size3|} and {|$customproduct_model9|}
If you add them in this form - they are not displayed in any way in ttn
- only the order number is displayed.
Tell me what I'm doing wrong? Or how much would it cost to set it up? someone can help?
The task is to display additional. fields by products in the order
I would be grateful for any advice or help
Original question is available on version: ru


I remove the question, I figured it out after reading similar requests on the forum
07.11.2021, 13:49
Original comment available on version: ru

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