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Files for integrating Opencart Version 3.0.3


1) Download api files for the version you need and unpack them: For version 3+
2) Connect via FTP to the site on OpenCart (For example, via FileZilla) and go to the folder with the client's site (Hint: if you see the catalog folder or the config.php file, then you are where you need to be). We drop the api files for opencart into the folder where you are (in FileZilla, you just need to drag and drop the files) .
3) Fill in the host and apiKey in the catalog/onebox/cron.php file. Where host is a link to the opencart store, apiKey is the key in the client's opencart api. To fill, just paste your values into the file. Nothing else needs to be changed in it.
4) The catalog/onebox/cron.php file must be registered in crontab on the server where opencart is located, to be executed once an hour.
17.02.2021, 16:01
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Could you please tell me for which versions of PHP should integration be given?
04.08.2022, 11:06
Original comment available on version: ru

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