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OneBox OS:Frniture manufacture CRM-ERP configuration for large and medium furniture manufacturers

The Astelit Group company promotes the configuration of the CRM-ERP system OneBox OS:Frniture manufacture for large and medium-sized furniture manufacturers.
The system allows:
• channels of communication with the client (website, social media, mail, phone) call in one window,
• follow the stages of skin repair,
• automate the process of consolidating (flying out) and fixing,
• control the process of developing a new article and line of products
• control and automate the process of purchasing components
• to carry out the system of Gentle brewing
• by the process of preparation of the preparation at all stages of the production,
• automate the activities of teams in the workshop and on installation,
• keep a warehouse look of syrovin, accessories, ready-made products,
• order delivery order (self-visit, courier, post operator)
• maintain personnel profile and recruitment
• Explore all the processes of your Company
• integration with cloud systems (1C or other) of your Company
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