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CRM for food delivery

You can install OneBox using the link https://crm-onebox.com/ru/?ref=21
Diet food delivery CRM from SheBo
The application allows you to automate processes, starting with receiving an order from a client, creating a menu, purchasing ingredients for cooking dishes, the cooking process itself, and delivering finished products to the end consumer.
How it works:
- First, the client on the website (the website can be on any platform, the main thing is to be able to send an API request for orders to OneBox or to an e-mail with an order) selects the menu he is interested in, enters his data and places the order. (! Importantly, the OneBox system implements the functionality of menu selection using customized formulas and reference books, based on the following indicators of the client: gender, weight, height, lifestyle, etc.)
- Next, the manager contacts customers by phone (you can use viber/telegram/) to confirm the order. ! It is important that in this application, orders are formed not on a
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