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CRM for the School of English

CRM-system for the School of English
A brief video overview of the OneBox CRM system - https://youtu.be/N2g-8-Qd3YA
What is implemented in the CRM system:
I. Automation and the ability to influence sales growth.
1. All leads from the website, social networks, booking platforms, Facebook Lead-Form, advertising, etc. will enter a single CRM system - your administrator will be able to quickly process requests.
2. All calls will be recorded in CRM, you can listen to them, discuss with the manager. Missed calls will be recorded in the system.
3. Convenient setting of tasks: the employee will not forget exactly what and when needs to be done for the client.
4. You can call immediately from CRM - no extra programs, devices.
5. Displaying the number of sales for each individual employee, establishing a sales plan and monitoring its implementation.
6. Ability to create subscriptions, other products or offers within the system.
7. Quick creation and issuance of promotional codes to customers (fo
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