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OS: Process hangs when selecting "Company" in the "Upload contact card" block

In the block interface "Upload a card to a contact" https://gyazo.com/8d5d1176b2774fd6518b3e573cb25731 in the process, when you try in the field Type (become) select Company - the process freezes (the buttons of the steps become inaccessible, and the page is not updated.) https://monosnap. com/file/JNm8wZH3mWVhLg5NUnEkpu666u51LO (switching between types m/f/no problem not indicated).
Let me tell you, be kind, the whole block is incorrectly processed (bug), why is it that the insurance companies are not reimbursed?
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Good afternoon, on the right, in that you try to save such contact without filling the Company field, as in this case it becomes obov'yazkovym.
On the other hand, you do not have Allow duplicate companies enabled in your settings, so you must fill in the same field, the side will see a pardon, so that more than one contact will have the same value of the field.
As an option, try turning on pricing.
28.10.2021, 08:26
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