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Component «WhatsApp Business»

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How it works «WhatsApp Business» #

Allows you to integrate your OneBox with the WhatsApp Business messenger service directly through the official WhatsApp Business Facebook api!


  • connecting several business phone numbers;
  • message templates;
  • mailing templates;
  • bulk mailings;
  • sending messages to the client automatically at the stage;
  • sending messages within processes;
  • communication in general chat via WhatsApp (Messenger Aggregator);
  • Receiving incoming messages and turning them into a process;
  • Official message billing via Facebook.

To connect WhatsApp Business, you need:

  • create an app on Facebook
  • make sure your company is activated and verified;
  • in the left menu go to Whatsapp settings -> Set up and specify Callback URL ( https://BoxURL/whatsapp-business/push/ ) and
  • follow the instructions below, generate a permanent marker or extend the current one through Explorer;
  • connect your business number and attach a card for its billing (currently Facebook gives 1000 chats per month for free);
  • go to the WebHook section and select the whatsapp business tab and subscribe to events messages;
  • enter in the integration settings inside OneBox, phone number ID, WhatsApp Business account ID and the token you received;
  • Switch the application status to working mode and try making incoming messages to a business number, and you can also set up outgoing message templates to use them to write to the client first when sending out.

Available Platforms «WhatsApp Business» #

Application WhatsApp Business available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application WhatsApp Business available on my server
Available on my server
Application WhatsApp Business customizable
Paid Application
Paid Application