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Component «Ukrainian bureau of credit histories»

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How it works «Ukrainian bureau of credit histories» #

Obtaining information from the UkrThe app allows to find and import the information about the client of the process from UBCH reports.

There are two repots integration is developed for:

  1. 10 - Crdeit report of sole proprietor. Information of credit score (estimate of borrower's solvency) can be pulled from this report, along with the borrower's credit request rejection (if it has ever been declined).
  2. 25 - Individual credit score. It allows to get the information about borrower's credit history. As it is configured within OneBox, the date from this report will be imported into additional fields, and you can see the main indicators of borrower's creditworthiness.

Information from both reports is uploaded by actions at the workflow stage. The data for the person mentioned in the process will be uploaded.

The data is provided based on the terms of cooperation of Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories with their partners.ainian credit bureau.

Available Platforms «Ukrainian bureau of credit histories» #

Application Ukrainian bureau of credit histories available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Ukrainian bureau of credit histories available on my server
Available on my server
Application Ukrainian bureau of credit histories customizable