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Component «Tabletki UA»

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How it works «Tabletki UA» #

Tabletki UA allows to import data from Tabletki UA portal to your Onebox, namely:

  • nomenclature details along with codes from providers;
  • prices and availability;
  • information about the status of pharmacies (open/closed);
  • installation of notificator for every work station in the pharmacy;
  • orders with fractional parts of the product, with the ability to process them in the system.

The following is also available:

  • data exchange setup for receiving the orders and transferring statuses via API;
  • ability to process the cancellations in automatic modes;
  • receiving the orders, which have the cancellation made by the client in place.

Screenshots «Tabletki UA» #

Available Platforms «Tabletki UA» #

Application Tabletki UA available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Tabletki UA available on my server
Available on my server
Application Tabletki UA customizable