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Component «Server load control panel»

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How it works «Server load control panel» #

It allows to track activity of system's server space. You can check which processes consume memory, how many space left on disk, information about cron works and check statistics. There's a filtering pane for search of statistics for a given period of time or for a given date available, if required.

Server. Server data display by:

  • RAM used, swap;
  • disk storage occupied and inodes;
  • CPU usage;
  • statistics updated on the chart daily.

Crons. Information for all the OneBox cron types is shown, including:

  • latest launch time of each cron;
  • resources, consumed by cron;
  • 5 slowest cron scripts.

Installed server apps:

  • shows, if PHP version meets the one required by OneBox
  • shows availability of PHP modules required for OneBox
  • shows availability of other apps required for OneBox: server, data base, memcached etc.

Screenshots «Server load control panel» #

Available Platforms «Server load control panel» #

Application Server load control panel available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Server load control panel available on my server
Available on my server
Application Server load control panel customizable

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