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Component «Server load control panel»

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How it works «Server load control panel» #

It allows to track activity of system's server space. You can check which processes consume memory, how many space left on disk, information about cron works and check statistics. There's a filtering pane for search of statistics for a given period of time or for a given date available, if required.

Server. Server data display by:

  • RAM used, swap;
  • disk storage occupied and inodes;
  • CPU usage;
  • statistics updated on the chart daily.

Crons. Information for all the OneBox cron types is shown, including:

  • latest launch time of each cron;
  • resources, consumed by cron;
  • 5 slowest cron scripts.

Installed server apps:

  • shows, if PHP version meets the one required by OneBox
  • shows availability of PHP modules required for OneBox
  • shows availability of other apps required for OneBox: server, data base, memcached etc.

Screenshots «Server load control panel» #

Available Platforms «Server load control panel» #

Application Server load control panel available on Android
Available on Android
Application Server load control panel available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Server load control panel available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Server load control panel available on my server
Available on my server
Application Server load control panel customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Server load control panel» forum #

2 answer
06.01.2024, 10:24
Cron works for a long time or lies down
Here https://rivcont.info/app/workflowtype-order/?filterredeliverynote=&filtersho... the...
SRM does not work. At least 3 times there was a surge of work and absence of work
At least 3 times per working day, the SRM went out, errors 502-504 there was the first error with the comment that there is no free space,...
3 answer
20.12.2023, 11:00
Urgently. The minute crown does not work. Please correct it
The minute crown does not work Please fix it urgently. https://dai-spisat.1box.link/
1 answer
18.12.2023, 13:04
Urgently! Boxing is not working
https://sambag.crm-onebox.com/ Error There is no connection with the Host site sambag.crm-onebox.com is not responding for a long time.
2 answer
08.11.2023, 10:06
Problems working with cards. Error 500.
Good afternoon. Lately it has become more and more difficult to work; it is impossible to access some contact cards (clients or companies). The sys...
0 replies
07.11.2023, 12:48
Account deletion
Tell me how to delete the company and delete the account as a whole, I did not find such a function anywhere
2 answer
06.11.2023, 00:34
Since yesterday, process pages have been loading slowly. Some kind of glitch in the telegram + integration settings, the processGeoCoder process appeared in a minute crown
The processGeoCoder process appeared in a minute, and if it existed, it began to take the longest to work. What is it connected to, Google? Integra...
1 answer
04.11.2023, 15:16
The website of the online store and CRM chekhol.com.ua is unavailable
Error 502 Bad Gateway at this time there is a huge number of requests to the database https://prnt.sc/5hON4P7PuGZi This is the second time in 2 days.
Minute cron stuck
Good afternoon Minute cron stuck https://pl-tyres.1b.app/app/system-statistic/ can you see what's wrong? Thanks in advance
2 answer
29.10.2023, 14:30
Statistics for more than 30 days ago in the load control panel are erased
Tell me, is this some kind of planned update or for some other reason statistics are not available more than 30 days ago?