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Component «Vodafone SMS»

from OneBox production #

How it works «Vodafone SMS» #

Vodafone SMS allows to send individual text messages, as well as perform SMS mass messaging from OneBox via Vodafone service. The history of sending is stored in the system.

You would need to provide the details for setup of integration with Vodafone SMS to enable the functionality.

Once integration is enabled, you'll get the following features:

  • sending bulk and individual messages from OneBox via Vodafone SMS;
  • saving the history of sent messages;
  • review of previously sent messages in events component;
  • messages would be associated with the entities (processes, contacts), they were sent from - this means, you'll be able to review the conversation history with every client/by every process in future.

Available Platforms «Vodafone SMS» #

Application Vodafone SMS available on Android
Available on Android
Application Vodafone SMS available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Vodafone SMS available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Vodafone SMS available on my server
Available on my server
Application Vodafone SMS customizable