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Component «Simpla»

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How it works «Simpla» #

It allows to exchange data with Simpla platform. You can perform import of currencies, users, processes, products and categories, filters in OneBox. You can send the prices, residues and availability in Simpla, if required. Export of products is also available in Simpla.

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Available Platforms «Simpla» #

Application Simpla available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Simpla available on my server
Available on my server
Application Simpla customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Simpla» forum #

3 answer
09.04.2021, 14:51
Integration with Simpla
where you can find up-to-date instructions with files for setting up integration with Simpla. Since now there is a video lesson in the boxing knowl...
1 answer
Simpla (import orders)
We have simpla integration and order import action The simpla client has been with simpla for a long time and there are about 3k orders, you need ...
1 answer
11.11.2020, 10:55
Integration with multiple CMS Simpla
Please tell me how to implement integration with several stores on CMS Simpla, now it is possible to connect only one store
1 answer
09.09.2020, 10:28
When importing orders from Simpla CMS, the payment method is not pulled up
Integration with an online store on Simpla CMS is connected. When importing orders from Simpla CMS, the payment method is not pulled into the busin...
2014906168 - Improved action "Import products and categories from Simpla"
For the action "Import products and categories from Simpla", the setting "Do not update the price and the old price of the product&q...
2014879572 - Improved import of products and categories from Simpla
For the automatic action “Import products and categories from Simpla”, the checkbox “Receive product at the purchase price from the product card” h...
Improved integration functionality with CMS Simpla
Improved functionality for importing orders from CMS Simpla, as well as importing and exporting products to OneBox with filters. 1. Import orders f...