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The app allows to integrate OneBox with Privat24 payment system. Its functional supports incoming and outgoing payments to come to/from the system. Your clients will be able to pay for the order from personal account - and you at the same time will receive these payments as OneBox orders.

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Application Privat24 available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Privat24 available on my server
Available on my server
Application Privat24 customizable

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0 replies
14.03.2023, tuesday, 23:05
I propose to implement the integration "Invoice from PrivatBank"
Good afternoon. I propose to implement integration, which, it seems to me, will be of interest to many. Through API, you can issue invoices to cli...
2 answer
04.12.2022, 11:20
Privat24 payments stopped coming up
Good afternoon. Payments from Privat 24 are no longer added to the list of actual payments. Also, the actual balance on the card does not correspon...
19 replies
26.11.2022, 09:49
Payments from Privat24 (personal card) stopped loading
Payments from Privat24 (personal card) stopped loading. From the evening of 11/25/22. Cron is running. No one changed the settings, but I checked -...
2 answer
22.09.2022, 12:07
VERY URGENT! Please help. Payments are not received from Privat24
Guys, please help. Since yesterday evening, payments from private have come through once. That is, some come, and some do not. In the picture below...
4 answer
10.08.2022, 11:38
Payments from Privat24 are not loading
Action configured https://dikoros.1b.app/app/automatization/minute/edit/ Accesses in action are registered, but payments for some reason are not lo...
6 replies
15.07.2022, 14:48
It is necessary to update the privat24 API for physical. cards
There is a problem with duplication of payments. As it turned out, the problem is from privat24, but after talking with those. support turns out to...
1 answer
08.07.2022, 15:29
Account Statement
Good afternoon! Can you please tell me how to set up so that in the automatic action "Privat24 Statement of accounts for individuals" exp...
6 replies
13.06.2022, 12:45
The extract from private individuals is going crazy
Good afternoon, a private statement (action once a minute) delays payments in the future from two different cards of different people Please help.
5 replies
10.06.2022, 10:02
Weekly payments stopped loading in Boxing
External payments stopped loading in Boxing, in private signatures (individual) and boxing is not included! Box https://crm.tdp.com.ua/
35 replies
09.06.2022, 20:47
Payments from the future :)
Here https://crm.phdcare.com.ua/app/payments/22148/control/ the payment creation date is 2022.06.23 and it came automatically from privat24, and no...