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Component «PDF editor»

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How it works «PDF editor» #

PDF editor for quick and easy editing of PDF files in OneBox. It allows you to:
  • make PDF preview
  • add text to PDF file
  • format document
  • add images, stamps, shapes, or draw to PDF
  • image gallery
  • support for mobile devices and inserting a signature from a phone or tablet (analogous to Privatbank)
  • attaching the processed document to the process document.

A simplified interface makes it easier to edit documents, you can go into the documents application, select the desired document and send it to the PDF editor application and edit it there or apply visual stamps, you can also add an already edited document to an existing process document from the PDF editor application . Using the OneBox OS mobile application, you can insert and allow the client to sign a document and place the signature online. 

Cloud pricing for data and applications

15.00 USD per month

Cloud pricing per user

15.00 USD per month

Boxed solution (on-site)

15.00 USD per month

Available Platforms «PDF editor» #

Application PDF editor available on Android
Available on Android
Application PDF editor available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application PDF editor available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application PDF editor available on my server
Available on my server
Application PDF editor customizable
Paid Application
Paid Application

Reviews and discussions component «PDF editor» forum #

5 replies
Група активної реабілітації, Голова правління
21.01.2024, 15:16
Quality deteriorates when signing from a tablet
Congratulations! We tested your application in practice and noticed that when signing from an Android tablet through chrome, the quality of the sav...
1 answer
Група активної реабілітації, Голова правління
11.01.2024, 13:14
What is the monthly cost of the app?
Good day! When connecting, it offers to write off 15 dollars, tell me the monthly cost will be 15 dollars? thank you
2 answer
ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
03.07.2023, 14:14
Does the application allow you to save the name of the prf file according to the template
For example, you need the file name to contain, for example: - file creation date - the name of the document as it is now - the amount of the docum...
5 replies
PDF editor, testing
Good afternoon, is it a false institution to send the application for a few days for testing. Or maybe a video about the features and possible appl...
5 replies
06.06.2022, 12:42
Is it possible to compress a file in a PDF editor?
For example, there is a 10 mb file in PDF format. Is it possible to load it automatically from the action field and get the compressed file into an...