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Component «MailChimp»

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How it works «MailChimp» #

It allows to import and export both contact groups and individual contacts from MailChimp service. To enable contacts upload or download, you would need to configure a once an hour automation for this app.


  • Import of contacts from email marketing MailChimp system;
  • Export of contacts from OneBox to MailChimp;
  • Import of contact groups from email marketing MailChimp system;
  • Export of contact groups from OneBox to MailChimp.

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Available Platforms «MailChimp» #

Application MailChimp available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application MailChimp available on my server
Available on my server
Application MailChimp customizable

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Personal license
30.07.2021, 18:01
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Now, when transferring contacts, if a contact's group changes, then it is exported to mailchimp both in one and in the second group. It is nece...
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15.02.2021, 14:48
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