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Component «Facebook Messenger Pro»

from OneBox CORP #

How it works «Facebook Messenger Pro» #

Direct seamless integration with Facebook Messenger  inside OneBoxOS. To connect the integration, you only need 2 minutes (for more details, see the video).

The following features are currently available:

  •  Receiving incoming messages from Facebook Messenger without delay
  •  Reply to messages through the Facebook Messenger app itself, as well as from the chat app or processes.
  •  Turning an incoming message into a chat with a user into a chat application
  •  Putting an incoming message into a process
  •  Communication via comment block from process
  •  Sending a message to a client in Facebook Messenger using an action in a step
  •  Delete sent messages
  •  Sharing images (both from process and chat)
  •  Video and file sharing (both from process and chat)
  •  Emoji support
  •  Application support in general chat (via Messenger Aggregator (MultiChat))
  •  Tracking whether the message was read by the client or not
  •  Getting user information (avatar, account name, id)

This app is a CRM solution for Facebook Messenger  allows you to fully accept requests from customers and process them and does not require much effort to connect. Beforehand, to get acquainted with the possibilities, we recommend watching the video on the  Facebook Messenger Pro application.

All subsequent updates and improvements to the application for customers who connect this application now will be free of charge, the price is fixed at the time the application is connected.

For cloud clients, companies OneBox CORP , as well as the same for boxed clients of the OneBox OS version who bought keys from a partner OneBox CORP - 33% discount on the monthly cost of the application will apply.

Available Platforms «Facebook Messenger Pro» #

Application Facebook Messenger Pro available on Android
Available on Android
Application Facebook Messenger Pro available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Facebook Messenger Pro available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Facebook Messenger Pro available on my server
Available on my server
Application Facebook Messenger Pro customizable
Paid Application
Paid Application