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Component «eSputnik Viber»

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How it works «eSputnik Viber» #

It allows to integrate OneBox with Esputnik Viber communication service. Integration allows to send bulk messages to your customers in Viber. To enable the feature, you need to provide API login, API password and API URL in the app settings. 

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Available Platforms «eSputnik Viber» #

Application eSputnik Viber available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application eSputnik Viber available on my server
Available on my server
Application eSputnik Viber customizable

Reviews and discussions component «eSputnik Viber» forum #

2 answer
05.01.2022, 10:53
Multiple eSputnik viber senders? How to specify from which to send?
Several senders are registered in the eSputnik account. However, neither in the integration settings neither in the eSputnik / Send message in vibe...
1 answer
Improvement of "sending messages to esputnik"
It is necessary to estimate how many hours it will take to make a refinement that would allow you to send viber messages esputnik We have such (scr...