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It allows to view the information transferred in logs format. For the sake of convenience, there is a filtering pane provided, where you can choose the time for update, number of strings to display, date of creation and file. There are also additional buttons for moving to documentation, generating of API key, executing of request in a test mode and posting a question regarding API.

Important! All parameters can be sent both via GET method and POST method as well. POST method is recommended for adding something (order creation, contact creation, etc.) because of these three considerations: 

  • It's still de facto RESTfull recommendation;
  • POST-parameters are not recorded to the operation system logs, so the passwords and other parameters will not be recorded anywhere;
  • Standard limitation of URL-string by GET method is 1024 bites, so the big volume of data cannot be transferred.

Attention! API usage consumes a licensing session.

If you plan to use API, you need +1 user (for cloud plans) or +1 license key (for boxed plans).

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Available Platforms «API» #

Application API available on Android
Available on Android
Application API available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application API available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application API available on my server
Available on my server
Application API customizable

Reviews and discussions component «API» forum #

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Personal license
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