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How it works «API v2» #

A new fast API version 2 is now available in OneBox OS. If you install the app, your OneBox will get JSON REST API interface for developers.

API v2 is very fast, simple and clear for understanding, it can receive and generate JSON structures.

It allows to manage all the entities in OneBox, generate any samplings, safe (temporary tokens are used) and with no limitations.

Usually API is used for pulling the data of and uploading it to OneBox, so as for building customized reports.

Our integration partners will help you to create your own application, which will work based on API, or create a special report, which will send out the data automatically, for example to Telegram.

Attention! Using the API requires the licensed session.

If you plan to use the API, you need +1 user (for cloud plans) or +1 license key (for boxed plans).

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Available Platforms «API v2» #

Application API v2 available on Android
Available on Android
Application API v2 available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application API v2 available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application API v2 available on my server
Available on my server
Application API v2 customizable

Reviews and discussions component «API v2» forum #

3 answer
31.07.2023, 11:49
Ari2 for clientpersonalreminder does not work
I create a reminder for Ari through api/v2/clientpersonalreminder/set/ and in response I get a 404 page. A similar situation has already occurred w...
4 answer
16.07.2023, 22:53
No connection to API server
Hello! API not working, even missing texnika.1b.app ping While the APIv2 application is installed and received a password token for my user. But my...
How to find out your URL
This is the page https://avr-service2.1b.app APIv2 at https://avr-service.crm-onebox.com is not working
Using the API with the CRM application to create processes (leads)
Does the system have the ability to interact with the CRM application through an API, so that it is possible to create leads by analogy with creati...
3 answer
04.10.2022, 12:16
/api/v2/order/set/ My request: {"name":"TEST4979","workflowid":2,"statusid":2,"productinfo":{&quo...
1 answer
26.09.2022, 11:13
API filters 2
Please tell me how to make an ID selection - I've already tried everything
1 answer
22.09.2022, 18:20
API v2
I studied the material as much as I could!... I don't understand how to make a selection by ID to the list of products - I tried everything tha...
2 answer
14.09.2022, 12:01
Duplicates are created by the name of the company HELP!
Good afternoon. The problem has happened before and now it's happening again. Created a card https://crm.hlr.ua:50443/admin/shop/users/94568/ a...
12 replies
31.08.2022, 14:27
Dear, add in api v2 the ability to remove all filters and their values on two movs.
Good day, I guess, it’s time to add to api v2 the ability to accept all the filters and their values on two languages (Russian and Ukrainian, It is...
2 answer
02.08.2022, 23:09
Otrimannya zamovlennya
Good day /api/v2/order/get/ 1. Can you take away more than one (specify, as with the fields of the process) the fields of the products of the proce...