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2017 OneBox White

2017 OneBox White

White, effective, yours.

27.06.2017 OneBox LLC announced the release of the updated OneBox White software solution that combines the capabilities of customer relationship management (CRM), business process management (BPM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The major update is now overwhelming" white" interface and new features.

Completely new white OneBox interface

We went to an incredible amount of effort to create a truly new OneBox interface. Now it is not just white, it has changed its navigation principles. Big menus are now compact and obvious. Now it takes less clicks to get to the information you want. The fewer items on the screen — the easier the interface seems to the user. We have simplified all the icons on purpose so they don't distract.

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New search engine

In the upper right corner of each screen we have added a quick search that searches using specially optimized algorithms for each screen.

For example, in the calendar it will search only by the process name, and in the list of tasks also by the task description. But, you will always have the option to use advanced search to search for specific parameters.

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New mechanisms for filtering and displaying data

Any data selection can be specified in various ways: from a simple list to complex custom funnels.

The filtering and displaying mechanism is now clearer than ever.

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Customizable dashboard with graphs

What everyone's been waiting for: custom dashboard with the ability to display any charts, KPIs and indicators.

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Connection Center

We removed the notification center and replaced it with a new Connection Center. Now you can start new business processes with one click, and all current notifications open immediately in the familiar interfaces of tasks, orders, projects (which, by the way, are also configurable).

If you could accidentally close a notification before, now it will still remain in the Connection Center

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Simple and obvious integrations with popular services

We have transferred the most popular integrations to the marketplace as applications. You just need to go to the new section" Integrations", search for the service you need and press the button" Connect".

Gradually we will transfer absolutely all services to the new integration mechanism.

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New client cabinet

You can give each client access to your personal account (or LC, as we often call it).

  1. In the new version of OneBox you can customize the interface of each page of your client's account, decide which business processes will be available to the user.
  2. And the most interesting thing: you can enable the user to manage certain stages of the business process through their client account. For example, you are creating a stage" Made a decision" and" Undecided, reopen issue" and enable the user to click on it — the process will switch on the initiative of the client. Extracting documents in your personal account and paying for them.
  3. You can also enable the user to issue invoices and documents directly in the client's office, as well as make payments on them.


New file storage in OneBox

Now all files in OneBox are automatically placed in a single repository, put into folders. You can create your own folders and manage your files.


Support for credit limit and overdrafts in financial accounting

In financial accounting, we have made it possible for each account to specify a credit limit (account overdraft), and OneBox will automatically track if you hit the credit limit or not. Your company's financial balance will also be shown both with no credit limit and with a credit limit.

Added new integrations

We will just list the services we are now integrated with:

Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, WebMoney, new full integration with InTime, PickPoint, CDEK, Jivosite, Nice Chat, Lirax, Laravel, Mango-office, Mailchimp, integration with Horosop, new integrations with Binotel, new integrations with Binotel gateways.

API constructor

You can create your REST API, your method and URL. Typically, this is needed to integrate your website and OneBox in two clicks.

Constructor for price tags and labels

OneBox can print price tags and labels on any printers, including tape.

You choose how your label will look like.

Automatic number formatting

Now you don't have to worry about what format to enter phone numbers in process and contact cards.

OneBox can automatically convert phone numbers to the required formats, without forcing the user to separate separately the country code, area code, phone number.

And that's not all!

Complete changelog takes approximately 350+ text pages. You can see it here, but we didn't bother much with structuring information;)

How to view?

It's easy to see and try the new OneBox register an account on our site, in a few minutes you will have access to OneBox by email.

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