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2006 Bbilling

How It All Started

Cloud Billing - A product created in 2006 with the main goal of automating ISPs.

At the time this section was created" Releases" Unfortunately there are no mock-ups left for the design, layout or this release to familiarize you with it.

But we remember well how the idea for this product was born. Now, many years later, we understand how one conversation can determine the fate of many. This story will be told by someone who became the key person in the beginning of OneBox.

OneBox Release History
Maxim Miroshnichenko

In 2005 I met the owner of one internet provider. If you remember, then the main internet providers were small" home networks", from ten to thousands of subscribers. Most of them spent the Internet forcing lines through rooftops. Typically these networks were confined to some kind of dormitory area, where houses were close enough one to one to build infrastructure. So, I met the owner of such a network. I was recommended as someone who can decide" Pain" this person. And his pain was that he had a product" type 1C", in which all subscribers' balances, their tariffs, used traffic, etc. were recorded.д. But this product:

  • could not automatically carry out write-off, shutdown procedures
  • and most importantly, it was local (you could only work where installed). And only supported on Windows. As a result, it was not possible to work remotely on Macs or Linux. This influenced the owner so much that he even planned his vacation so that he would arrive at the moment when it was necessary to recalculate the balance of subscribers. His" dream" was to create a product that will be accessible from anywhere in the world and from any operating system.

Actually, then I was developing on the web and web technologies allowed to solve his problem completely. I developed the product in half a year, put it into operation and supported it as a private programmer for about 3 months. During these 3 months I received a couple of dozen applications for the development of exactly such a product. It turned out that almost all providers had this pain at the time. I realized that I could not create a dozen products and support, for this reason I made an official release for myself" Cloud Billing", hired a couple of programmers and started off.