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CRM for real estate business

from OneBox Insiders #

We bring to your attention our case on implementation in the field of real estate business.

In order to increase the KPI of employees and, accordingly, increase profits in the business, you need a well-configured CRM ERP system in which everything will be automated and 80% of the work will be performed without the participation of the human factor. To do this, we provide the following items to this application:

  • Base of clients with division into groups and automatic assignment of the type of client.
  • Base of real estate for sale or rent. All descriptions, characteristics and photos in one place.
  • Mailing lists and notifications to customers. Possibility to connect mail, sms and popular instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram).
  • Chatbot based on Telegram for ease of use from smartphones for both customers and employees.
  • IP telephony, call recording, click-to-call, forwarding, etc.
  • Personal account with the display of the real estate database.
  • A unique "deal" business process, where everything related to the sale and rent is automated.
  • Sales and rental reports.
  • Maintaining finances and financial obligations of the two parties to the transaction.
  • Automatic creation of documents using templates.
  • Electronic document management.

This case collects the general needs of the real estate business. Of course, everyone has their own unique processes for which we can make unique solutions.

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Application CRM for real estate business available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application CRM for real estate business available on my server
Available on my server
Application CRM for real estate business customizable