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Free apps and OneBox #

Apps from OneBox and OneBox OS cloud platform are free. No usage time limit. No user amount limit. No direct limitation of data and capabilities.

You can install all oficial OneBox apps and create up to 1000 entities in cloud OneBox OS for free. Once you create more than 1000 entities, you will be harged for data processing. You can choose to continue with paying for data or you can buy a package solution with fee per cloud user or a box solution for your server.

Cloud pricing for data and applications #

$1.99 per 1000 entities per month
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Billing "For data" implies that you pay for storage and processing of data in cloud, depending on their amount uploaded to your OneBox.

Once you uploaded more than 1000 entities to your OneBox, we start charging you $1.99 on a monthly $1.99 basis for every next 1000 entities batch (the first 1000 entities are free). Billing occurs in multiplies of 1000 entities, rounded up.

For example, you've got in your OneBox the following number of entities:

  • 500 - Free;
  • 999 - Free;
  • 1000 - Free;
  • 1001 - $1.99 per month;
  • 2000 - $1.99 per month;
  • 2001 - $3.98 per month;
  • and so on.

If you have installed paid application, for example for $9.99 per month, we'll charge this amount from your OneBox account every 30 days.

If your account has insufficient funds, we charge the payment off into the negatives. If your OneBox account remains overdrawn for more than 10 days, your OneBox shuts down automatically till you have enough funds again . That's to say you have 10 calendar days to run the payment.

Billing period: every 30 days since OneBox creation. For example, you have created your OneBox 10 on September 10th, thus we will check the amount of your data in the cloud on the 10th of every month and charge off $1.99 of your account.99 for every 1000 of data above the first 1000.

Cloud pricing per user (package plan) #

$29 per user per month
Purchase cloud package plan

You can buy OneBox cloud package plans through the official distributors only. Recommended consumer price for OneBox cloud plans is $29 per user per month or $299 per user annually.

Cloud package plans imply that you take software on lease and pay for a cloud user only, while the data in the cloud comes free of charge. If you have large amount of data, then cloud package plans would be more profitable for you.

All the OneBox apps are free of charge in the cloud package plan.

Box solutions (on-site, installation on your server) #

$699 one-time fee per user + $199 per user annually
Purchase box plan tariff

You can buy OneBox box versions through the official distributors only. Сompany OneBox doesn't sell box versions to the clients directly.

Recommended consumer price for OneBox box plans is $699 per user for the first year + $199 per user for each year thereafter.

"box version" means on-site, i.e. selling activation keys for OneBox, and not the software itself . You just buy the activation key and then get the software on your servers "as is" (AS IS).

Activation key is assigned to one-year time period: you buy the key for 1 year and then renew it for another year for additional fee. The cost of activation keys is being calculated individually upon request, contact distributors.

If the "purchasing activation key" model doesn't suit you and want to purchase the actual software for your servers, there's simply no such option available. We recommend you to take a look at our cloud plans they implies providing you software on lease, while the OneBox company is interested in its operability and support (while you are paying your lease rate).

With box plans, OneBox will be installed on client's server only with an open code. Once OneBox is deployed on the clients' servers OneBox is released from any responsibility for data preservation and safety. The client ensures creating backups on his own or purchases such a service from third-party companies or system integrators. A one second after OneBox is deployed to client's server shoot the company doesn't accept responsibility for operability of the system or any part of it, as well as does not guarantee system update in future.

All the OneBox apps are free of charge in the box plan.

Customer Support and Product Support #

  • Product Support includes fixing bugs and vulnerabilities, development of software according to our roadmap .
  • Customer Support includes answering user's questions, individual individual assistance, feedback, discussion of refinements.
  • Product Support is included in all OneBox plans, unlike the Customer Support.
    If you have some issues, something is not working right or you have found some breach - just post this to our forum, we will release an update to eliminate that. That's what it is Product Support.
  • If you have any questions or you need personal assistance, you want to speak with somebody in chat or via call (Customer Support) - please contact our partners. You can post your request on forum, This is not prohibited, but f you want, but it's very likely we will recommend you a partner, who will help you to deal with your question.

Collaboration scheme and risk notice #

  • OneBox - is an operating system for business with variety of applications, development environment and low-code/no-code platform, software constructor, programming language.
  • OneBox is not a ready to use solution for any of business tasks.
  • OneBox software is provided AS IS, so no claims are accepted on this matter.
  • There's a special free endless plan available on the website, which allows you to learn and evaluate the features of OneBox software product with no limitation in usage time.
  • OneBox does not provide direct services on software refinements and development or customer support.
  • If you want to create something in OneBox, you should either become a low-code developer and study OneBox or hire a third-party low-code developer, or hire a third-party team of integrators. There's an open catalogue of developers and partner companies. These are the third-party companies, none of them are employed by OneBox.
  • If you require some new functionality or refinement of the existing ones, technical support or assistance with setup of any part of OneBox, you can order this additionally from partner companies OneBox.

Custom development and paid refinements #

OneBox does not provide any direct services on refinements, development or customer support to the clients Users. OneBox has an open portal of developers, public forum, partner companies (integrators, business advisors).

Сertified developers OneBox and certified partner companies OneBox (integrators, business consultants) can refine cloud and box OneBox to fit client's requirements.
By default, any program code developed will be included into the OneBox product OneBox, and the client will get rights to utilize it, without granting him the ownership or intellectual property rights.


How will plans change for those, who started using OneBox prior the 11/01/2021?

Existing paid clients will remain using the same plans, as they currently do. he same is for existing free clients. Free OneBox-es which were issued prior to.11.2021 - will remain free under the previous terms: 1 user, 10 Gb of data.

Can existing users be transferred over to plan "For data"?

If a paid or free client wants to change his plan to «For data», one, with no limitations on amount of users - it is welcomed. There would be such possibility enabled in OneBox control panel https://1b.app/en/billing/.

How do I get a discount and what's RCP?

RCP stands for recommended consumer price. Distributors are entitled to create their own plans or set the discounts, OneBox got nothing to do with it. If you as an end user is offered a higher price than RCP is, this means there should be some additional service, application or setting included in it.

How can I purchase the old OneBox versions (MVP, CRM+ERP, Revolution, ...)

OneBox does not sell or support the old product versions. If you're still using OneBox MVP, you can buy more licenses (activation keys) through the partners-distributors. If you're using even more old OneBox versions (CRM+ERP, Revolition, Next, White, ...) - you'll be upgraded to OneBox MVP first and then you'll be able to buy additional activation keys through the partners. You can review the version history here https://1b.app/en/version/.

What is entity in terms of billing for data?

The following is considered as one entity: - contact; - order (task, project, subtask etc.); - document; - warehouse operation; - actual payment; - virtual payment; - expected payment; - budget payment; - product (commodity or service); - event (email, call or other record in events); - 1 Mb of files uploaded to File storage app, so as any attachment in order, contact or document. When the billing period come (on an assigned date once a month) all the entities are summed up, then first 1000 free entities are subtracted from the total amount. If the rest is greater than zero, you will be charged according to the terms of plan for data.

How can I check current volume of my entities?

You can check the volume of entities used inside your OneBox in the upper left corner or in the list of your OneBox on the website - https://1b.app/ru/profile/boxlist/ It updates every 24 hours, around 00:00 UTC

How can I upgrade or downgrade plan for existing customer?

If your current plan is "plan-1 (free)" - you can select to change your plan to "For data" in the list of your OneBox "For data"