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Integrator company was created to help businesses implement CRM + ERP OneBox: IP telephony: binotel, phonet, asterisk, zadarma, kyivstar; integration with email, sms, delivery services; forming a single customer base; importing SKU and product base organizing; helping to organize warehouse inventory accounting; financial accounting; setting up and implementing business processes; integration with trading platforms and supplier price lists. We have experience automating various types of business, such as sales, e-commerce, retail, finances, logistics of automotive service, production of plastic bags, auto rubber floor mats, wedding dresses, dried fruits, cheese, badges, furniture, electronics and spare parts, clothing, military and travel equipment, filters, electricity, pet food, glasses made in the United States, tea and rum from Sri Lanka, jewelry, supplements and vitamins, dental equipment, various services from cafes to ISPs.

Partner Contacts

  • OneBox Business Analyst
  • Distributor of Cloud OneBox
  • Integrator 1C
  • Telephony integrator
  • OneBox Customizer
  • OneBox System Integrator
  • OneBox Technical Support