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Is it possible to assemble a crm for a tattoo parlor?


Good day! We, the OneBox Insiders company, offer you our services for the sale and implementation of the OneBox CRM system. We realize your case quickly and efficiently at an adequate price list. Our team works responsibly and insightfully on projects and considers your case not only at the moment, but also for the future to improve automation.
As requested in the description:
1. Set up accounting of clients by groups.
2. Accounting for employees.
3. Business process "deal" in which you can automate work with clients.
4. Keeping a journal of records.
5. Reports.
6. KPI of employees and salary calculation.
7. Financial management.
8. Chatbot in Telegram for recording clients, for employees, for administrators. Reminders, clarifications, chat with the manager and so on.
The minimum price for implementing this scheme in OneBox is $700. For a more detailed assessment, you need to discuss at the meeting.
We will be happy to give you a tour of the system and its capabilities.
We are waiting for your application at the link https://1b.app/ru/partner/insiders/ !
25.08.2022, 13:57
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