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The speed of processing text input in the search field

Please speed up the processing of text input in the global search field. Now, after clicking on the icon, there is some kind of delay, due to which 1-2 characters are not entered.
This is very hindering in work, because. most often you need to find something quickly (the client came and calls the order or phone number, search for goods while talking with the client, etc.), you click on the search, start entering data, and the first characters are skipped. You have to erase, sometimes ask again.
Or when copying data from outside and pasting immediately after clicking on the search icon. It doesn't insert right away.
Waiting after clicking is extremely inconvenient, especially when the window has appeared and visually everything is ready for the search.
There was no such problem in MVP, it worked instantly, even if the search field did not appear, all characters were always entered at once.
Original question is available on version: ru


Hello. Taken for optimization
08.01.2023, 18:23
Original comment available on version: ru

Added an insertion method to start the search, reduced the delay + added the start of the search by pressing the enter (the search will not search if the input is less than 3 characters). Expect an update
09.01.2023, 14:49
Original comment available on version: ru

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