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Component «Global search»

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How it works «Global search» #

The app allows to run search of required information across installed apps. You can search information by a partial match, as well as by full key entry. You will get a list of applications in a search results, where the information on required query was found. You can select the apps enabled for search, if required.

In conjunction with Hotkeys app you can assign “open Global search app” command to the button, for example F1.

You can program and adjust the app to your needs.

Screenshots «Global search» #

Available Platforms «Global search» #

Application Global search available on Android
Available on Android
Application Global search available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Global search available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Global search available on my server
Available on my server
Application Global search customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Global search» forum #

11 replies
07.12.2023, 09:35
You can configure the global search to have the client in the first and not the last column, the contacts field. It’s not convenient to search, you need to move it to the right, and to do this, for the roller to appear, scroll to the very bottom
Hello. You can configure the global search to have the client in the first and not the last column, the contacts field. It’s not convenient to sear...
2 answer
24.10.2023, 10:38
the global search term on the main page has expired
Good day. Global search on the main page has expired. Yesterday was... 1 Tell me the basis for such changes and why you were not warned in the firs...
11 replies
18.09.2023, 10:33
Global search stopped working
As of today, global search has stopped working. It gives something like https://prnt.sc/NND2n2sjM-Z8 The screenshot shows that something seemed to ...
1 answer
25.07.2023, 12:08
Order search not working correctly
Here https://crm.marketmebeli.com/app/search/ https://prnt.sc/X54Bd1n9VjWB (Fig. 1) By phone number 0954732105 does not find an order The order is ...
2 answer
CEO, owwa.com.ua
14.06.2023, 10:04
Global search does not search the knowledge base
Good day, Please fix global search working with knowledge base. For example, we are looking for information on working with Monobank and in the k...
3 answer
30.05.2023, 09:02
Doesn't search for tasks by ID
In the global search, not all tasks are searched by their ID . For example this task https://topbox.1b.app/5465/ . And there are many such tasks. P...
5 replies
12.05.2023, 21:50
Bring global search to quick access
Is it possible to display a global search icon in the interface? Now, to find something in the system, you need to find a search in the search, an...
1 answer
11.04.2023, 17:50
OS Global Search does not display all information
Good day! Searching by phone number of the client https://crm.ohrana.ua/app/contact/49542/ In the results I see At the same time, after t...
2 answer
20.02.2023, 13:50
The search stopped looking for products by an additional field.
Good afternoon https://box.agro-him.com.ua/ A year ago, an additional field was made on all products, in which the active substance of the drug was...
1 answer
25.01.2023, 17:56
Product search. Bug/Bug?
Good afternoon! http://box.agro-him.com.ua/ We noticed one unpleasant pattern in our box, the search does not quite adequately find products. Scree...