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Disk space for cloud OneBoxes

Dear users and partners!
We are constantly working to ensure that OneBox cloud plans have the maximum available storage space for your data.
I hope that in the future we will switch to shareware storage in all tariffs, but at the moment for cloud tariffs with payment per user, the following restrictions apply to the amount of information stored:
Cloud OneBox pay-per-user (purchased through partners only):
from 1 to 7 users = 80 GB per box
from 8 to 12 users = 160 GB per box
from 13 to 20 users = 240 GB per box
from 21 users = 360 GB expandable up to 10 TB
The total amount of stored information is indicated: tasks, orders, files, prices, etc. Technically, this is a disk space limit on a particular VPS.
Thank you for your attention.
Original question is available on version: ru Как со мной связаться - никак :)
Задавайте вопросы на форуме публично - и я отвечу.
Подробнее - https://1b.app/ru/user/11/


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