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How to competently speed up with the Workflow add-on from OneBox. About 16:00 skin Monday, mid-Friday

Record 6 of Master Processes:
Friends, good day
Mi from Ukraine ????????
This year at 16:00, the following are the most popular ones, as with the greatest cost to work with OneBox with the Workflow add-on.
Troshki about the next session, until what video is more????????
@GlebGordienko we have analyzed the process of creating new products, or rather, new passports of factory workers from the main color palette.
More details in the video.
And as for the household chores, then it’s over there:
1. To create a small process with a number of steps, as you see fit, in order to implement the logic.
2. Create pigments that can create a palette, for example, green colors.
3. Run a task in your new process and add all the possible barbers to it, so that you can wink for a new green tone / color.
Name the task Green colors.
It will be the base for you to create new passports.
4. Try to create your first product with a passport for a green farmer, which is in your
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