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Add the ability to search by partial search + by description to the action

I previously (like 2-3 years ago) asked for an investment to be done in action
Here https://baza.cn.ua/admin/shop/workflowstatus/82/action/new/
In this block https://prnt.sc/w3vn3s
Partial search so that the system searches flexibly, and not only by 100% match of the words of the action name
It’s just that not everyone remembers the exact name of the action with 578 actions + some have multilingualism and have to go through a lot of words
I kind of don’t understand why this hasn’t been done yet, but it would make it much easier for the administrator to configure the power supply
My suggestion:
1. Make a search by partial match, that is, if my action is called "Change the stage of duplicating processes", then what if I write "this oak" then it finds (now it does not find)
2. Each action has an action-class-name , it is written below, for example "action_block_issue_duplicate_status" for the action "Change the stage of duplicate processes" I propos
Original question is available on version: ru


we will not do this now, because in the new box the interface will radically change its structure and this investment will become useless
17.12.2020, 15:26
Original comment available on version: ru

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