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Promo orders are not loaded selectively (may not be loaded for a couple of days)

Here is an example of such orders
Here he is on the prome

And in srm there is no ego
This integration is used to receive orders

And there is a second same order from the second store on the prome

This is the integration

What's the problem, we get negative reviews because the orders simply don't fall in the mail
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You give the link https://sara.1box.link/app/workflowtype-order/?filtershowprocess=&filtercode... but there is an order, but you say that there is none. How to understand this?
11.08.2022, 10:54
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yes, the funny thing is that it did not download orders for more than 6 hours, while nothing changed in the settings, and then the download occurred by itself
11.08.2022, 11:42
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well, I can't turn on Dr. Strange and see why the order didn't load at 7:00 p.m. There can be a hundred reasons, it's just a waste of time to guess what could have gone wrong. We can either cover the entire integration with logs and you will have a couple of GB of space eaten up every time, or monitor the situation regarding new orders and ping it to see it in real time.
11.08.2022, 11:55
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the order has been loaded
29.08.2022, 11:46
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