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"Start process by products" action stopped working correctly

On Friday 07/02/2021 in the afternoon, we discovered that one of our processes stopped working. Today (07/05/2021) we began to understand and came across such a moment: the action "Start process by products" no longer correctly returns the amount of the product of the parent process to the subprocesses created by this action.
This is expressed as follows: with the old settings (under which everything worked before), now instead of the correct quantity from the parent task, the subtask receives a product in the amount of 1 piece. At the same time, in the action settings, there are checkboxes for "Transfer the value of all product fields to a subprocess" and "Group products in new processes".
After a series of tests, it turned out that when adding a checkbox to "Create a process for each position (not relative to quantity)", the result will be partially correct, namely: if the product has a quantity strictly less than 10, then everything wil
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Hello, please try now.
07.07.2021, 10:47
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Works. Thanks a lot!
What was the problem?
07.07.2021, 11:39
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We made settings in which it was necessary to refactor the old logic, unfortunately we refactored with an error that occurs in situations where you need to transfer the quantity> 1 pcs
07.07.2021, 11:44
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