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Prohibit the transition depending on the fields - the action did not quite work

1. Go to https://rivcont.info/app/workflowtype-order/?searchfulltext=3131585
2. Order status in the list - "Order in the Department"
3. We open the order
4. According to the transfer history, the order remained at the "return" stage
The transition to the stage was the action "Transfer the process to the stage, if the status of the Ukrposhta parcel has changed to the specified" at the stage https://rivcont.info/admin/shop/workflowstatus/3902/action/new/, but the order was not supposed to go to the stage "order in department", because at the same stage https://rivcont.info/admin/shop/workflowstatus/3902/action/new/ the action "Prohibit transition depending on fields" is set (check field displayed in interface [file] 17287[/file] )
According to the above, the stage history shows the correct status, and the "status" field shows the incorrect stage
See what the problem is
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