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Application «PrivatMarket»
Application PrivatMarket
Application PrivatMarket

Application «PrivatMarket» #

How it works «PrivatMarket» #

PrivatMarket - allows you to integrate your OneBox with the PrivatMarket online platform. An automatic action will ensure that new orders are imported into the system every minute from the file located at the specified link. Orders will be loaded as processes of the selected type and assigned to the selected manager. This will create new customers based on the Customer Name and Customer Phone fields, as well as new products based on the Purchased Item Name field.

Also, the following fields are automatically transferred from the file to the order on OneBox: Number of units, Order amount, TTN, Delivery address. This action allows you to configure the correspondence between payment and delivery types, as well as other fields in the file as additional order fields in OneBox.

Available Platforms «PrivatMarket» #

Application PrivatMarket available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application PrivatMarket available on my server
Available on my server
Application PrivatMarket customizable