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Rozetka.ua allows to ensure creation of file in XML format to upload to Rozetka.ua.

You would need to configure the hourly automatic action "Export products in XML format (Rozetka.ua)" to generate the file.

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Application Rozetka.ua available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Rozetka.ua available on my server
Available on my server
Application Rozetka.ua customizable

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0 replies
05.02.2024, 09:18
Integration of orders from the box
Congratulations! When we add an additional product to the order in the box to the current order that came from the outlet, it is not pulled up for ...
The Switch stage setting does not work if the order status in Rozetka has changed
The Switch stage setting does not work if the order status in Rozetka has changed
orders do not come from the outlet
Yesterday the integration with the socket failed, I don't know why, it just disappeared, maybe I accidentally deleted it made a new one today add...
4 answer
08.05.2023, 16:51
Integration stopped working.
Error 500
2 answer
03.04.2023, 12:38
For some reason, the Rozetka meaning guide has been updated (the language has changed)
A couple of days ago, the name of the filters in the socket directory were in Russian, today we saw that the values have changed and almost all hav...
1 answer
21.03.2023, 16:00
Finalization of the action Export products in XML format (Rozetka.ua)
Good day! Please evaluate the refinement of the possibility of selecting warehouses for export in the automatic action "Export products in XML form...
Questions about Rosetka directories
In the box there is a directory of the values of the socket filters. It contains some meanings in Ukrainian, some in Russian. This directory is in ...
8 replies
15.02.2023, 15:33
Delivery to Rozetka pick-up points - Calculate rework
Delivery to Rozetka pick-up points - Calculate rework Is this update ready? Someone writes that he is already using it. Does this functionality exi...
2 answer
integration does not work
The integration stopped working, what could be the reason?
3 answer
URGENTLY!!! Orders from Prom, Rozetka, integration with banks do not come in
Integrations stopped working The last order that went into the van box from Prom.ua MobiPrint.in.ua has the date and time on the screenshot. The l...