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It allows to integrate your OneBox with Khoroshop marketplace. There also will be an option to import your contacts, products, product categories, currencies and their rate from Khoroshop. You'll also be able to import all orders, as well as to change order status in Khoroshop. OneBox can get order status from Khoroshop and change it to needed one in OneBox. There's also exporting of residues in stock from OneBox to Khoroshop available.

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Available Platforms «Horoshop» #

Application Horoshop available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Horoshop available on my server
Available on my server
Application Horoshop customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Horoshop» forum #

4 answer
08.02.2024, 13:01
BUG of the action "Export goods to Hoshohop". Additional status is not transmitted
I noticed a bug in the “Export goods to Hoshohop” action. The status "Pre-ordered" should be transmitted, but "Out of stock" is transmitted. Photo ...
12 replies
09.01.2024, 15:19
In "Export goods to Hoshohop" add the ability to put a "dot" symbol
In the action “Export goods to Hoshohop” there is a field “Field in Hoshohop (valid characters az 0-9 _):” but it is not possible to specify the “d...
0 replies
09.01.2024, 13:20
Question about the old modification: "Additional categories Good"
Previously, I ordered the modification “Rework on the Horoshop application (categories and filters)” before launching the site - https://1b.app/ru/...
2 answer
10.12.2023, 14:41
Products without an article number are not imported to Hoshotop
Guys, please help. We can't launch the site without this. There is a problem with importing products into Hoshohop, namely: products that do not ha...
1 answer
09.09.2023, 21:14
Orders from Khoroshop are not arriving
Everything worked fine, but orders stopped coming from good and there was an error in the application: https://prnt.sc/no1MvmF_H95j
6 replies
06.09.2023, 14:55
Availability status Good
I can not correctly transfer the statuses of products. The status "In stock" is transmitted, everything is OK (https://prnt.sc/bSSgprIz8vw7) And in...
1 answer
21.08.2023, 10:10
Duplicate item "cheaper together" when importing from Horosop
Please tell me how to solve the problem of duplicating the position "cheaper together" when importing an order with a good one when buying under th...
2 answer
11.08.2023, 12:00
At what tariffs does integration with OneBox work well?
Good day. Whose website works for Horosop, please tell me at which tariffs Horosop works for integration with OneBox?
6 replies
07.08.2023, 20:08
A bug in the export of goods to Khorozhop
Nothing was changed, but suddenly the export of goods began to take place only starting with the product 1006775 and ending with the product 100903...
5 replies
07.08.2023, 09:07
Issue with "Export Goods to Goodhop" action
The automatic action "Export goods to Goodhop" stopped working correctly. https://knz.1b.app/app/automatization/hour/edit/ The action does not reac...