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CRM-ERP configuration of OneBox OS:Tender system for support buyers

The Astelit Group company promotes the configuration of the CRM-ERP system OneBox OS: Tender for companies that work with state-owned purchases and tenders:
• A comprehensive solution for the full cycle of purchasers, from the moment of closing to the signing of the contract,
• Up to 30% financial savings on automated purchases,
• Accelerated processes for the organization and conduct of tenders,
• Support at all stages of procurement,
• The system allows you to improve communication between different agents and expand the functional bindings between them,
• I will introduce a transparent process to the tender, which allows you to carry out all stages,
• The system allows you to adjust the complex payment to the purchasing system,
• Comprehensive online analytics allows you to always take reliable information and conduct the necessary analysis.
Astelit Group company - a great honor of providing professional IT services for a comprehensive vision of business management http://astelitgro
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